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Michelle Farrell





Michelle is a New Zealand based artist, of celtic and gaelic origins primarily. Her works are held in public, private and corporate collections worldwide.

She draws on a multiple of 2D & 3D media as forms of expression. She has worked in bronze from miniature to monumental scales. In recent times she has refined skills in delicate ink painting and photography as mediums to best express herself

Of deep interest to her are the unseen "energy" and spiritual connections which underlie and steer existence, as well as the interconnected nature of all things.

Movement and energy feature strongly in her work, as well as harmonic connections with nature. 

Her work has been shown by a number of fine art galleries across New Zealand and she enjoys participating in curated shows. 

. In 2016 her work was included In the international Imago Mundi exhibition "Kiwi Consciousness"" as part of the collection of Luciano Benneton, Italy. 

 Michelle's ink artworks have been recognized in several awards, receiving a Merit Award in the Tamaki Estuary Art & Ecology Prize (2018) & was also a finalist in the Parkin Drawing Prize (2018 & 2019). She won first prize for her miniature Painting at the Franklin Arts Festival and was also a finalist in the 2019 Waiheke Walker & Hall Award.

Michelle's creative journey continues .....

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